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這是關于迪斯尼的英語ppt,包括了American Slang---李陽,Basic Introduction to Walt Disney—李淵,Disney Movie,Disney Park around the world,Interesting stories about Disney等內容,歡迎點擊下載。


Presented by Group One American Slang 1、Why to learn American Slang Key point to communicate with local native speaker! To surprise foreigners! Well-understanding of American culture! Two sentences、four points 1、I kinda dig you. kinda=kind of Don’t bother me, I am completely digging this computer game! 2、She is completely checking you out. completely、totally、exactly、absolutely check it out check it out check it out Pronuciation Practise 1、Very well, well very. 2、I thought a thought but the thought I thought wasn’t the thought I thought . /v/和/w/ /θ/和/s/ Who is he? Walter Elias Disney (December 5, 1901 – December 15, 1966) was an American film producer, director, screenwriter(劇作家), voice actor, animator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist(動畫技師) Disney is notable as one of the most influential and innovative figures in the field of entertainment during the twentieth century. As the co-founder (with his brother Roy O. Disney) of Walt Disney Productions, Walt became one of the best-known motion picture producers in the world. The corporation he co-founded, now known as The Walt Disney Company, today has annual revenues of approximately U.S. 30billion. Throughout the decades, the company has expanded worldwide from shorts to feature-length animated and live-action films and television production. character merchandise licensing. consumer products retailing. book, magazine and music publishing. Internet activities. television and radio broadcasting. cable television programming. and the operation of theme parks and resorts. 1928 Mickey Mouse 米老鼠 1940 Pinocchio 木偶奇遇記 1950 Cinderella 仙履奇緣 1959 Sleeping Beauty 睡美人 1961 101 Dalmatians 101忠狗 1964 Mary Poppins 歡樂滿人間 Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Cinderella story to us to convey such a course of life experience :at any ridicule, bullying and making things difficult, all hard-working, to bear alive, even if extreme hardships and difficulties as long as the mind of the infinite vision of a better future, and to maintain good, A positive state of mind.eventually there will be a happy life. CLASSICS 1995/06/23 Pocahontas(風中奇緣) 1996/06/21 The Hunchback of Notre Dame(鐘樓怪人)   1997/06/27 Hercules(大力士)   1998/06/19 Mulan(花木蘭) 1999/06/18 Tarzan(泰山)   2000/01/01 Fantasia/2000(幻想曲2000)   2000/12/15 The Emperor's New Groove(變身國王) 2001/06/15 Atlantis: The Lost Empire(失落的帝國) 2002/06/21 Lilo & Stitch(星際寶貝) 2002/11/27 Treasure Planet(星銀島) 2003/11/01 Brother Bear(熊的傳說) 2004/04/02 Home on the Range(放牛吃草) 2005/11/04 Chicken Little(四眼天雞) 2007/03/30 Meet the Robinsons(未來小子) 2008/11/26 Bolt(閃電狗) 1998/06/19 Disney turned East seeking inspiration and found it in Mulan, a adventure story about a brave and clever daughter risking her life to save her ailing father in Imperial China…… Bolt(閃電狗) 3D Computer Animation 1995/11/22 Toy Story(玩具總動員)【DISNEY / PIXAR】 1998/11/25 A Bug's Life(蟲蟲危機)【DISNEY / PIXAR】 1999/11/24 Toy Story 2(玩具總動員2)【DISNEY / PIXAR】 2000/05/19 Dinosaur(恐龍)【DISNEY】 2001/11/02 Monsters, Inc.(怪獸電力公司) 2003/05/30 Finding Nemo(海底總動員)【DISNEY / PIXAR】 2004/11/05 The Incredibles(超人特攻隊)【DISNEY/PIXAR】 2005/08/19 Valiant(戰鴿總動員) 2005/04/14 The Wild(野蠻任務) 2006/06/09 Cars(汽車總動員) 【DISNEY / PIXAR】 2008/06/29 Ratatouille(美食總動員)【DISNEY/PIXAR】 2008/06/27 Wall-E(機器人總動員)【DISNEY/PIXAR】 2009/05/29 Up(飛屋環游記)【DISNEY/PIXAR】 2009/07/24 G-Force(豚鼠特工隊) 2009/09/27 Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure (小叮當與失去的寶藏) Finding Nemo(海底總動員) 2003/05/30 “Finding Nemo” tells the story of clownfish (小丑魚)Marlin and his only son Nemo. In the sea, Marlin and Nemo lead a safe and quiet life. Like all the fathers, Marlin tries to protect his son from being hurt. But Nemo eager to explore the reef. One day, Nemo is captured by a cruel man. The coward(膽小鬼) father knew it, he go to rescue his son and of course all the animals in Barrier Reef Helped him find his naughty boy. In doing so, Marlin overcomes his tear and he rescues his son…… Finding Nemo(海底總動員) .It's a brilliantly animated masterpiece with lots of humor that actually works and a plot that really brings tears to your eyes from time to time. warm, witty, heartfelt, and funny In 1986 Steve Jobs(who is also Apple co-founder) bought a Graphics Group. Pixar started .It do well in CGI animation (電腦動畫) . Pixar`s films earned many awards and achieved critical and commercial success. Pixar began to cooperate with Disney in 1991. Pixar and Disney produced lots of wonderful computer-animated feature films. Pixar and Disney had disagreements after the production of Toy Story 2 in 2004. Disney bought Pixar for about $7.4 billion(74億) in an all-stock deal in 2006. Now Pixar is Disney`s Wholly-owned company(全資子公司) 歌舞青春(High School Musical) The Princess Diaries(公主日記) 迪士尼真人動畫(Live Action with Animation) 歌舞青春(High School Musical) This is a Disney Channel Original Movie(原創電影). Downtown Disney In Los Angeles, California Disneyland, is the first one in the world There are four parts in the park: risk world , Western borderland, fairy tale world and the future world  Orlando Disney World  In 1964, people had built the orlando disneyland it was called disney world Disney World is not just a playground, but it is also a tourist center, visitors can come to the nearby beaches for swimming, skating, sailing, deep-sea fishing, or visit the nearby attractions. Tokyo Disneyland  --the most popular one As Asia‘s first amusement park in Tokyo , it had been built in accordance with(與…一致的) the USA ’ one. Disneyland in Paris The first Disney park in europe,which is the most expensive one. Hong Kong Disneyland Hongkong disneyland is the fifth in global and it’s the most “mini” one. Shanghai Disneyland  Shanghai Disneyland will become the sixth disneyland in the world and the second one in china,it is estimated to open as early as 2014







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